6 Tips to Curing A Leaky Gut

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  1. Diane McKinnon says

    Great site, have been diagnosed with candida and leaky gut so any information would be great am intolerant to most foods all I can eat is meat and veg at the moment every time I try and introduce something the horrible sympoms of whoozy in the head nausea belly pains and a lot of other horriblr symptoms.

    • gina says

      Hello Diane,

      I am also suffering with Leaky Gut at the moment and everytime I eat something, my body reacts from iching all over to foggy brain, tiedness etc. I thought I had kick this in the bucket as I have suffered from this for years. I was having a good spell until recently when I had to take two course of antibiotics because of a bladder infection. I will adopt the tips given above to help me heal naturally. Best naturally. Doctors do not accept leaky gut exists so it is frastrating talking to them about it. I am off to get some garlic and ginger. Ginger I know definately works as it helped the last time. Good luck with healing yourself Diane. keep us updated on how you are doing.


      • Laurie W says

        Also consider removing certain foods from your diet for a short trial – wheat, milk products. etc. I have chronic fatigue and leaky gut, but recently found that I also have developed many food allergies due to my immune abnormalities.

        When I stopped eating foods containing soy, then started again, I realized that 90% of my brain fog was a soy allergy. Almost EVERY packaged food contains soybean oil, which I cannot have. I fall asleep, have diarrhea, and have gas for days when I eat it. It reminded me of getting sick as a child when I ate canned salmon (canned in soybean oil – who knew back then?) I cannot even eat chicken fed soybeans! I have violent diarrhea. Eating “generic” cheap chicken causes no problem.

        Another big culprit is sulphites (preservatives). I feel stupid and fall asleep very quickly, even if I am driving!

    • aaron says

      Hi Dianne, sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I too have just been diagnosed and am in the same boat as you. what are you doing to cure yourself? My nutricenist told me to focus on the my colon toxins first as they were the worst he has ever seen. This sucks so bad. I almost wish I had cancer cause then i could atleast eat. worst yet the damn doctors couldn’t find out why I was having pain after everything i ate so when they found out my gallbladder was functioning at 23% they yanked it, which in turn made my problems far worse. this is the first time I’ve ever posted to some message board but after feeling like I’m going to die for the last 6 months I’m at the end of my rope here. sorry to ramble on but dammit i hate this so bad, I miss my old self and my family, my kids are different than i last remember them 6 months ago. I can’t help but cry everytime i think about it. I feel as if I’m some kind of zombie that’s in crazy pain 24/7. I need help.

  2. Kenneth says

    Aaron. I have had issues with this but not as bad as you have apparantly. And you’re right, it does suck and I can’t imagine what you are going through. I have recently started the 80/10/10 diet. You should look into it. It’s based on eating a large amount of fruit. It has really helped my symptoms. They are non-existant most days and I have a sh*tload of energy ta boot.

    Something else that I discovered is I feel best when I try to keep my Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio within 2.5:1. If it gets much higher than that I start to feel crappy the following day. This makes sense since when this ratio gets out of whack it causes inflammation and that’s the culprit of leaky gut to begin with. Try to eat more salmon and chai seeds. Stay away from nuts and grainfed cattle and any kind of cooking oil.

    I hope this helps!!! No one should have to live like this.

  3. Ken Linder says

    Food that isn’t actual food (highly processed, fractional, and filled with additives that did not exist when we evolved), public water that contains intentionally added systemic poisons along with a while lot of pollution (where acceptable levels are set to mirror whatever was last measured) – these also contribute heavily. The gut is strongly likened to the lymphatic system – as the lymphatic system work works in tandem with the villi in the small intestine. Anything that affects the lymphatic system will effct the small intestine & the lymphatic system processes 90% of the liquid in the body (which of course continas a slurry of things that humans invented, and we did not evolved to cope with). A body that is past its maximum toxin body burden, will compromise the lymphatic system (which produces most of the immune system and part of out detoxification system as well).. Poison a person all the time, and as they age their fat cells fill up with things they cannot remove. Get too much of that and the liver gets weak, the body becomes obese to try and make more fat to store toxins in (which with al that High Fructose Corn Syrup will serious tip you toward diabetes)…soon the person has a compromised gut wall. They have has bloating and gas, perhaps constipation or the opposite. They burp and have flatulence…and they also tend to get a lot of upper respiratory problems (constant coughing, bronchitis, tonsillitis and strep). Now they have weaken immunity and a slower recovery time, and are now likely to catch everything that can infect them (like candida yeast and rickettsia) – things that normally can;t take hold on people easily. They become less tolerant to gluten, and to high sulfur crops like onions, garlic, cabbage and broccoli (because they detox people and give them a herxheimer reaction).

    From a traditional standpoint with wind up with a syndrome that started out external…and probably have weak kidneys (and spleen) with lowered chi. By now the disease process is firmly entrenched and hard to get rid of – and they are also courting other problems – from Multiple Chemical Sensivity to fatty liver disease, insulin tollerance, hypoglycemia, heart trouble (from stealth virus troubles)

    You can’t fix a leaky boat by drilling more holes in it which you fill up a few with bread crumbs. You need to stop the influx of toxins and repair the gut….& this means REAL food without the poisons added as a garnish (chemical pesticides, etc) , and avoidance of anything else that stresses the body is a good idea too.

    By this time the glutathion detox system is also in bad trouble, as is the level of NO in the system and cortisone. The gut is in such bad shape that vital amino acids (that support cell life) are not getting in. gone – the adrenal thyroid hypothalimus axis is probably hurt too.

    This is damage caused by a society that can sell anything – no matter how poisonous – as an everyday item. Perfume that has toluene (an octane booster and carcinogen) and food so poisonous that bees cannot live on the land where it was grown.

    If yo do well enough in business you an poison everyone on the planet without a day in jail…and a leaky gut is hard to fix – and quite impossible to fix if you don’t stop poisoning it.

    • Nina Ahmad says

      I don’t know who you are Ken Linder but are you the smartest man alive? I don’t think I have ever read a more precise description of cause and affect relating to human health in our age. I love the way you laid it all out, like dominoes going down. What do you do? How can I have more such conversations with you?

    • Jacqueline says

      Hi Ken,
      I read your post on leaky gut…I have systemic yeast infection and leaky gut. I am in my 3rd month of diflucan treatment. I am really suffering. How did you get rid of leaky gut???
      I would really appreciate your input on this.

      Thank you,


  4. Bea Rocker says

    I have been diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome. I don’t seem to have many choices for food. All the things I like; almonds, eggs, yogurt, cheese, milk, bananas, pineapples, and much more. Then there are those my doctor is telling me not to eat for at least a month (this includes all fruits except lemon and lime, beef, pork, only ocean fish, and it goes on and on). I have a headache now. I always have a headache. I’ll have to go to Amazon to get things I can’t find in my local supermarket, Whole Foods or Nature’s Way store. They say there are over 800 veggies. Not available where I am. They should just ship me a package each week like that other diet on TV. Can’t remember the name. One of my many problems having leaky gut. I’ve been going to doctors for years and finally found out what I have. Good luck to you all!

  5. maddie says

    Hi. i believe I have a leaky gut bc I normally feel fine UNTIL I eat. Thats when I’ll get brain fog, abdominal pain, joint/muscle pains, and sometimes even headaches. And its only with certain foods. So I’m now eating a low carb, low sugar diet… However the other day I woke up and I suddenly felt sooo horrible.. (It felt like what I would imagine is Hypoglycemia) BUT I’m not diabetic so… I think its bc of my low carb diet when I’ve always eaten soooo many carbs. I’m very very thin 5’2 and 98lbs… How can I gain weight and keep normal blood sugar levels with this diet? Tahnks!!!

  6. shannan says

    Great article! I too had this issue. Five years ago I changed my diet to the Eat Right For Your Blood Type and it has done my mind and body wonders. I have to follow it strictly otherwise I can get all bloated and lymphs clogged. Best health wishes to you all!

  7. Consuela Kissik says

    Hi from the Philippines! The healthissuesfixed.com site is great: it has a lot of valuable information and is easy
    to find. I learned a lot from here already.

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