Obvious Early Warning Signs Of Deep Vein Thrombosis

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  1. JAN L. SAWLEY says

    Last Friday, I was bitten by my neighbor’s pit-bull. I’m on a PRADAXA regimen…so, naturally, it took me 10-15 minutes to stop the bleeding. I lost over a pint by then, but I washed up & bandaged my right hand. The bite area was painful(duh), but I figured I’d be OK in a few days…by Saturday, my right foot was tremendously( a gross understatement) painful & swollen. The bite nicked a vein & so I assume a clot afterwards traveled downwards to become deep vein thrombosis. I was unable to sleep for days, so Tuesday, I went to urgent care. I explained everything in detail, but was treated for GOUT…quack, quack, quack. Any suggestions?

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