11 Tips For Reducing Sinus Inflammation in Allergy Sufferers

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  1. Jane says

    hi I just read your article and I’ve hit this nasal swelling and it has caused me to have terrible trouble breathing and honest have panic attacks. I do think it’s something to do with my sinuses in these tips seem to be the answer. I just now took an ibuprofen. I wonder if that will start to work very soon. I have been dealing with this misery for over a year and I’ve been to every doctor in the world. They’ll think it’s a anxiety and I wonder why I wake up with it in the morning and go to bedwith it at night. It’s down to give you anxiety when you can. Correct? What are your thoughts and what do you suggest I do right away

  2. Masoud Aghabalaei says

    Dear Dr.

    I’m 57 years old a athletic man so four years before I’m to develop allergies was caused by acute sinusitis infection and with influx secretions of sinusitis damaged lungs and with different treatments almost recovered but not so and with the recommendation of friends I used ginger powder and it rubbed on the forehead and sinuses under the eyes this treatment continued for 5 days, finally, from one of the nostrils two parasite out with two days apart so I sent that photo on the attachment then it is softened and became comfortable nostril but now it is stiffer than the other now I feel that another parasite that nostrils there.
    I beg please help me, and let me know method and what medicine you recommend for me? I saved from this disease, because my job is mountaineering.
    I can’t attachment photo

    Your faithfully
    Masoud Aghbalaei

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