10 Signs That You May Have A Parasite & How To Get Rid Of It!

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  1. suzy says

    Have crohn’s for years, but this wigley feeling in my anus is annoying. Sometimes it hurts. No abcess. Had test for pinworm neg. My doc refuses to test again. What is it? Been 2 months, did purge pills by roots, still the same systems. No itching at all. Just wigley feeling in the anus. Mostly on the right side in the anus. Happens mostly at night. What is it and how can I get rid of this freakish and dam scary feeling? Did garlic everyday, and nothing got rid of this . Please help me, as crohn’s is enough to live with. Many thks in advance. Suzy

    • Christie ~ PCOS Lady says

      http://www.ParasiteTesting.com … Tests for every known “bad” parasite in the world! ~ US LABS: ~ Like Quest Diagnostics, Lab Corp, hospitals are only allowed to test 40 ~ 50 types… ~ 250,000 types exist, 50,000 of them are yeast types! ~ FYI: Only 1% of people are diagnosed in the US! ~ Ratio: 85% good vs 15% bad bacteria (US changed it to 80/20) ~Google: symptom parasite … SYMPTOMS COUNT! ~ Most all skin issues are bad parasites! ~ US doctors are not trained on parasites! Taught to treat symptoms “ONLY”! ~ PARASITE EXTENSIVE LIST: http://pcoslady.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/parasite-symptoms-extensive/

      • melinda green says

        I got all the symptoms ulcers on my arms and face been this way about two weeks or longer today I started passing round looking bugs through my stool this morning and they have been coming out of the sores on my arms stomach is starting to hurt like twisting cramps what do I need to do

      • melinda green says

        im waiting no I only feel them when my arms start burning that’s when I know there is a bug in it and I have to dig them out of the sore or they keep hurting

    • Eve says

      I would recommend organic oregano oil…it’s very concentrated and potent and is excellent for parasites. One thing to note is that when you are trying to kill parasites, it’s important that you take bowel cleansers along with the oil of oregano because you need to flush/remove the dead parasites out of your body.

  2. does it matter says

    ive passed one long worm a month ago but havent since but having all the symptoms still like dirreah for awhile now i cant even poop could i still be infected nothing comes out in my poop i know the doc will just pass it off like most my other health concerns what should i do

    • David Aston says

      I would definitely not assume that your Doctor will just “pass it off.”

      If you are truly concerned and it is affecting your health, I’d go get an opinion from your doctor. Especially since you’re still having symptoms.

  3. RT says

    WOW! I am shocked by reading this article and finding out the link between parasites and sleep disorder is actually true.

  4. Thomas Ramsey says

    A very strong anti-parasitic that I have found to work wonders is oregano oil. This is not the same as eating plain oregano but instead is an extract from a different strain of oregano. If you choose to try this be careful to research which type to look for. The article that I read about it had stated that one drop in a glass of raw sewage could steralize it enough to be able to drink? It can taste pretty foul if taken as recommended under your tounge and I found that it is pretty good in tomato (V8) juice and also if you spice it up a bit. It had amazing results that worked pretty quickly and is a quite easy remedy that is not complex.

  5. Shannon Bastien says

    this is the most informative information a person can have I don’t believe any thing dr’s tell me and thinking I been having a parasite for a long time well it finally passed , could of had for years by the length why would a dr want to do any test now when I actually have a pic of the foreign object and the gi dr told me looks like a piece of celery and veggies that came out looking like a extra large earth worm what a dum answer and I will not go bac to that lieing quack I am not that dum so off to the infectious disease dept for verification purposes and yes worms are a big problem in this country I never left this country and all the disesaes are being brought in from all the foreigners and foreign products imported from other countries now I will be on a strict worm and candida diet they go hand in hand it explains why my teeth have rotted , im over weight can hardly see and the list is endless in summary all my nutrition is being robbed by the worms we are being deceived by our own health care system I am only 52 and love all the right good foods was never over weight I don’t even eat that much when I asked my last dr what else could make me put on weight she didn’t even answer me definitely hiding something naturopathic dr.s for me n my family eat the right foods hope I help anybody in anyway we are n charge of our health do not listen to the dr ask questions esp about the candida, the bad bacteria in your gut , the cause of all ones illnesses when it gets out of control perforiates the stomach and gets into your system causing life long misery

    • Ami says

      I can’t believe some of the stupid answers Drs choose to tell us instead of just saying I DONT KNOW LETS FIND OUT! GAAAH As if you or anyone is going to what swallow a whole big long piece of celery! NOT CHEW IT UP ! OMG! I mean we have all seen the wonders of corn and peanuts I’ll give them that one but celery!!!! come on! WOW! You have to find a Dr who is open to and practices alternative medicine but not JUST alternative, you want both in one. I hope you are on the road to better health and I would keep on with taking the things you need to to rid yourself of parasites. I really doubt that one worm lived on its own in there.

  6. Shannon Bastien says


  7. Christie ~ PCOS Lady says

    THANK YOU! We hear “Nothing is wrong… It’s all in your head”
    I am adding your site to my blog…. I need to lift a few bits of info for my post to get people to here as well….

    US LABS:
    ~ Like Quest Diagnostics, Lab Corp, hospitals are only allowed to test 40 ~ 50 types…
    ~ 250,000 types exist, 50,000 of them are yeast types!
    ~ It only takes a stool &/or urine sample at first to ID them in you…
    ~ Not all the tests doctors run that only turn up negative cause they can’t test for them all! Only 1% of people are diagnosed in the US!
    ~ 300 types of good parasites live on and in you daily…
    ~ Ratio: 85% good vs 15% bad bacteria (US changed it to 80/20)
    ~ Most all medical issues are caused by parasites… Google: symptom parasite … SYMPTOMS COUNT!
    ~ Most all skin issues are bad parasites!
    ~ US doctors are not trained on parasites! Taught to treat symptoms “ONLY”!
    ~ Get diagnosed and treated first… Go here, holistic, natural path, alternative, etc…. and seek a nutritionist that knows or has had them too!
    ~ Know your malpractice laws!
    Be in the know…
    Know your symptoms, options and treatments…
    Knowledge is POWER!

    • melinda hall says

      I have been filling sickly for over a month and have lost around 40lbs got blisters on my arms and face at first thought they were pimples until I squeezed one and a bug came out they hurt really bad when you have to dig them out so it will stop burning now im passing them through my stool I don’t know what to do will over counter worm or parasite medicine work to get rid of them

  8. Wendy says

    ok I had my period I few weeks ago and I had the stomach bug a week ago and my stomach just does not feel good at all its been growling a lot lately and I been having stomach pains
    Im think I has a parasite please help

  9. Susie says

    Hi, okay lets say I have a parasite, and if I use medication, will I puke it out or will it just disappear inside of me or will I need the bathroom and it disappears like that or what? Please tell me it doesn’t just slither out of me or something. This subject really gets to me:/

    • Chealse says

      You should really go to your doctor and ask. In some cases, using purging methods and wrong antibiotics or parasite medications can cause the parasites to seek refuge elsewhere. This can cause them to come out of your mouth, nose, or anus. If you get the correct medication from your doctor in the event that you do have a parasite, it will kill it off inside you and basically disappear.

  10. pat says

    I have had problems with parasites since 2011 .I have gone to at least 30+ doctors,with the thought of “this is the one who is going to fiqure this out” but I am I’m now classified as a person delusion of parasites,by an infectious doctor. Who wold not look at my pictures and examined me without turning a bright light on.. I invested in a computerized microscope where I have many pictures and samples of worms.the latest problem all though an ongoing but more often than before diarrhia with horrible pains. I’m lost I don’t know where to go or what to do.

    • Karen Nance says

      Try Worm Dr. as mentioned in this blog post, it works very well at safely and effectively removing parasites. And/or you can try VitaeHealth in Utah. They are experts at helping you get rid of parasites.

  11. william weeks says

    what medications can be taken for parasites in the eye? I have told my eye Dr and he just says it is floaters. I see the suckers moving around sometimes so I think he is mistaken!

  12. cristy says

    My five year old son has been waking up at 3am for three nights crying and complaining his stomach hurts and he asks me to press on it or massage it. I took him to the ER and they did blood tests and an X-ray. But they didn’t find anything iat that point I dint think about parasites so didn’t even mention it. Would a parasite show in an X-Ray? And am I making it worse by massaging or pressing on his tummy? He has not had any dierrah or vomitting nausiou and is eatting normale could he have a parasite??

  13. crystal says

    My step son vomited one night before he could make it to the toilet…

    had not been sick when he went to bed….

    it looked like noodles…

    we did not have noodle that night.

    was worms.

    have an animal husbandry back ground and have always wondered why we can’t just walk in and buy dewormer for our selves like we can for chickens, pigs, horses, dogs….etc

    why is that

  14. Ami says

    I hear a lot about diarrhea but what about constipation? Im not sure how a worm could make it through my rock turns that I have to drink 3 cups of smooth move tea to even get out. My fatigue is off the charts and has just gotten worse over the past 3 years. I got the flu and started having crazy heart beats off and on yet the Drs don’t seem concerned at all. Im wondering if I have a parasite. I have been constipated all my life though, I mean since I was a little kid and Im 40 now. I do however rescue animals and they sleep on the furniture. It seems from what all Ive read I do enough to catch a parasite for sure. I kiss my dog, cats, parrot even my chickens once in a while. Is there a place where you can just get yourself tested instead of going to the DR? I have quite the pile of bills after going to 4 different places about this flu/ heart/ fatigue thing.

  15. denna says

    Oh my gosh – I am shocked by what I have read. I’ve had depleting red blood cells for 1 1/2 years, diarrhea with lots of gas pain, loss of 15+ pounds and my doctors have done nothing to remedy – including a hematologist. I ended up in the ER last Thursday with severe stomach pain, uncontrollable bowel function and that doctor questioned the depletion of my red cells and felt I must have an unknown intestine parasite. After reading “10 signs…..” HE IS RIGHT!!! Now, I have some ammunition to get myself back into a healthy state.

  16. muhammed kok says

    Take Remeron for 10 days ( an antidepresant ) . It will make you sleep like a log and it does affect the parasites in the intestines too. You will see them pass in your feces .

  17. Maddie says

    I was never really concerned about having a parasite but this is good information to know regardless, you never know! Better to be safe than sorry, right? Excellent post, thanks for sharing!

  18. john says

    Does anyone have numbness on the tip of the nose, toes and finger tips? How about a feeling of being cold at times or cracking in toes and fingers with arthritic characteristics? about 6 months ago i got an ulcer on my back. It turned into a crater that was in between 1 1/2″-2″ in diameter and 1/2″-1″ inch deep. i wish i had not accidentally erased the picture but it was necrotic with a very foul odor if you got up close to it, or on a hot day when sweating a lot. The 2″ crater is still inflamed and not diagnosed. I’ve been to numerous doctors and they pass it off and ignore all my other symptoms. my fingers and hands are turning black- a sign of necrosis. There’s also constant pain in the right lower side ab area. the necrotic tissue was never scraped so i think, whatever it was is stil eating away at me from the inside.

    • Blake says


      Could it have been a spider or other type of bug bite?

      How long has this been going on? Perhaps you should go to the emergency room!


    • ALT says

      Hi John,
      I live in Ohio and there is a spider called a Brown Recluse(they are found in many states) that if bitten by one, creates a crater type sore just as you stated, that does exactly what you said, it destroys tissue inside and continues killing tissue in it’s path. I don’t want to scare you, but I knew a woman in my church that was bitten on the leg by a Brown Recluse and had to have her leg amputated. I hope you have already found someone to help you before receiving this reply. Praying for you!

    • freda says

      Maybe a brown recluse bit you. They are very dangerous and untreated will sometimes lead to necrosis. And it will spread to a wider area, the necrotic skin. You should immediately get medical attention. Google brown recluse bites the pictures are horrifying. But maybe you will be able to compare them to that ulcer thing as you call it.

  19. Rich says

    The list goes on about people who literaly have their lives ruined by internal and external parasites. Most of the time, physicians, even “specialists” are of no help and people continue to suufer and reach out for answers and solutions. One thing is for certain…Healthcare and the education system ARE A FAILURE IN THIS COUNTY.

  20. Tupac john says

    Wow nice keep it up………..grt article, pls how can I prevent parasite from getting into me?

  21. Maria says

    Hi, I have exactly all those problems that you described. I have had all kinds of tests done for years and the so called doctors can’t find anything wrong with me. I now understand that all we are to them is a number and what they see in us is jus dollar signs. We are just a wealthy business to them and to the pharmaceutical companies out there! By reading this it made me remember back when my 4 yr old cousin got really sick from her stomach, she was losing weight, had anemia, loss of appetite and just bad stomach cramps. They took her in to the hospital, they said it w as a bad infection and she had to have surgery, after the surgery the same problems continued so she had surgery again. Then after the second one nothing had changed so they transfered her to a different hospital, she was gonna have surgery for the third time! They had done cat scans, xrays, ultradounds, blood and urine samples and couldn’t come up with an answer. So finally her parents got fed up asked to take her home and they took her back to Mexico, they took her to the dr there, he gave her medicine for parasites and whala!!! She got better!!!

  22. Maiwand says

    I am sick since three days, there is pain in my stomachs and also vomited. When I went to the toilets I saw a small worm in my feces. What should I do?

  23. Albert M. Dunn says

    Are there any type of parasite that enter through the feet. I’m having a problem. It’s not constant but I have real bad pain in the surface of my left foot. It’s like what ever it is tunneling and every time it moves I feel a temporary pain.

  24. bradleyU says

    I am struggling with parasites now. Doctors are useless. So after tons of reading, I now use Youngevity tangy tangerine, Zeolite with humic acid, D.E. diatomaceous earth, nacsent Iodine, alpha lipoic acid, occasional oil of oregano (when this stuff hits the gut, the parasites run). Also started coffee enemas- no parasites seen yet. Good luck to all. My original symptoms were, chronic fatigue, boils on back and butt, extremely oily hair, graying hair (even pubic hair), constipation, left stomach grinding feeling, gas and bloating, frequent and long lasting sinus infections and flue symptoms, IBS- RUNNING to bathroom after eating out. Dr’s took xrays upon xrays, MRI, ultrasounds, prostate exam, not ONE idiot found anything wrong, except white blood cells extremely low

  25. Tia says

    I am wondering the same thing. Also, what if they have travelled to the other organs like the heart or lungs? Herbal remedies would still be as effective? And how long would it take?

  26. Karen Nance says

    Please know that oregano, while it does kill bad bacteria, viruses and fungus, also kills the good flora that you want in your intestinal tract. Use Oregano oil for ten days or less, and follow up with a really good probiotic to replace good bacteria. DoTERRA has a great treatment of a mix of essential oils in a capsule called OnGuard+. They also have a cleanse called GXAssist and a great probiotic called PBAssist.
    Also, be aware that these parasites thrive on sugar. If you can stop feeding them they die and let go of their grip on your intestinal walls. And pass out of you. I released an 18-inch string of parasite’s nests after about 10 weeks in which the only sugar I ate was half of a grapefruit daily before exercise and the dates I was using to sweeten my homemade salad dressings. Know that bread and pasta turn to sugar in your stomach.
    If you are in Utah, or plan to visit there, there is a great clinic that has a cleansing program that consists of shakes that line your colon and collect gunk that is stuck in there, herbs to kill parasites, and colonics to wash it all out. It is called VitaeHealth. They have a website at Vickitalmage.com. I have trusted them with my life and am much happier and healthier.

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