Are your teeth making you sick?

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  1. Şeyma Budak says

    This is riddicoulous. I’ve had ten root canals, it happened because i had a terrible motorbike accident. My ten teeth couldn’t handle the trauma and become dead. What if i hadn’t done this proceuders I would had dentures which is terrible i am only 22 y.o. My dentist warned me the lifespan of my ‘dead’ teeth shortened. They are going to last maybe 20 years. 20 years later i will figure out this problem at the age of having dentures or bridges is normal.

  2. MD says

    I had my healthy teeth destroyed by wearing braces that lead to teeth lost. My teeth rotted wearing braces which is metal. I lost 4 wisdom teeth first three after getting my braces off 7 so far eight more after finding out the braces killed my my teeth roots so they all came out and maybe ten root canals where I lost those teeth too. Gum scaling probe stuck with probes healthy teeth drilled into all of this after wearing braces. I only needed them on the top to push my top teeth back not the bottom. So over the years I became injured by over treatment. I can’t see how the gov allow this to go on it got to stop.

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